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Camila Arevalo

Camila is originally from Asheville, North Carolina. She is studying Exercise Science because she would like to become a physical therapist. She will graduate in 2020. Her biggest pet peeve is procrastination. She recommends starting assignments early so they don’t pile up. Her favorite thing about DSU is all of the students who attend it. She loves the positive environment that everyone who works in the APC creates.

Makae Rose

Makae is a Biology major from Salt Lake City, UT. Her academic pet peeve is having multiple tests on the same day. She recommends always using FLASHCARDS! She loves Dixie’s small class sizes because they allow her to get to know her professors better. Her favorite thing about the APC is “the fact that all the tutors want to help people and will generally work together to solve problems for students if they have a particularly difficult one.”

Moshood Osinusi

Moshood is studying Biological Sciences. He is from Lagos, Nigeria. He loves the weather in St. George, does not like writing essays, and recommends practicing good study habits. His favorite thing about the Academic Performance Center is that it is very well organized.

Solomon Aliche

Solomon is originally from Lagos, Nigeria. He will graduate in 2020 with a degree in Accounting. He recommends rereading the material before class, and his pet peeve is procrastination. He loves DSU’s small class sizes because it makes the professors seem more approachable. His favorite thing about the APC is that “it provides a serene environment to study in.”

Maliea Holden

Maliea is a Biochemistry major from Washington, Utah. She will graduate in 2020. She does not like when students beg for specific questions or answers for an upcoming test. She recommends completing the practice problems at the end of the textbook and reading the chapter summaries. She is also a fan of Dixie’s small class sizes. “I love that ‘aha’ moment when I am working with a student and they finally understand something they have been struggling with.”

Jacob Fink

Jacob is studying Biology Integrated Science, he is also minoring in Chemistry Education and Physics; he will graduate in the Spring of 2022. He is from Northern California. He dislikes busy work, and recommends to avoid procrastination. His favorite thing about DSU is Saint George, “This area is beautiful.” His favorite thing about the APC is the opportunity he has to build his skills in helping other students.

Kurtis Hinton

Kurtis is a Biomedical Studies Major with an emphasis in medicine. He is also minoring in Chemistry, Health Psychology, and Psychology. He is from Gilbert, Arizona. His biggest pet peeve is lab homework. Kurtis’ best study tip is to, “remember what you know.” He likes the amount of resources available at DSU and the student involvement in extracurricular activities. His favorite thing about the APC is the receptionists.

Katie Eastmond

Katie is a Psychology Major from Lehi, Utah; she plans to graduate in 2022. Her biggest academic pet peeve is when people refuse to ask for help. She says, “we all need it sometimes!” Her best study tip is to teach someone because, “If you can teach it, you know it.” Her favorite thing about DSU is the campus culture. She loves how inclusive DSU is for all types of students. Her favorite thing about the Academic Performance Center is that students are able to help other students. She says, “We have all had a class that we struggle with, and learning from someone who understands what you’re going through is so helpful.”

Lin Tian

Lin is a Mechanical Engineering major from Hangzhou, China. He went to High School in Melbourne, Australia, and he has lived in America for 2 years. His biggest pet peeve is when professors only give two days in the testing center, and his schedule only allows him a 2 hour window to take the test. His best study tip is to start working on things as early as possible. His favorite thing about Dixie is the staff to student ratio because it makes it easy to get help from professors. His favorite thing about the APC is the view, “[the APC is] one of the best places on campus.”

Dagny Hunt

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Our Receptionists

Haley Hedricks

  • I will be graduating in 2022. As of now, I'm Undeclared.
  • My academic pet peeve is math homework.
  • Originally, I'm from Portland, Oregon.
  • I suggest finding a study spot outside of where you live that you enjoy going to, and always do your work there.
  • I love that there are so many things to do on campus and around St. George.
  • I love my job at the APC because I get to meet and interact with so many students every day.