Academic Performance and Tutoring Center

Academic Performance and Tutoring Center

Academic Tutoring

Just as it was when we were learning to walk, most of us continue to need a little extra support when we are faced with new concepts and unfamiliar course material. If you have a homework question or didn’t quite grasp a specific concept, come on over and let our tutors give you that support. We provide drop-in tutoring and small group tutoring which will provide you with techniques that will help you become a successful, lifelong learner. We are here to help you with supplemental instruction as well as developmental coaching and mentoring.


Drop-in Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is convenient and very user-friendly! Located on the 4th floor of the Holland Building, this tutoring is available six days a week at no cost to all registered DSU students. Primarily focusing on select general education courses such as math and science, we invite you to come to the Tutoring Center at any time to receive some extra help with your class work.

Drop-in tutoring is a hassle-free way for students to work on assignments independently while having tutor assistance when needed. It also encourages the formation of study groups because students with the same needs often come together in the Tutoring Center. Tutors circulate through the Center and answer questions as they arise on a first-come, first-served basis.


Available subjects vary by student demand and tutor availability. For that reason, we post a weekly detailed schedule that can be accessed from the link on this page or by viewing it in the Center. Just locate the subject in which you are interested, find the times tutoring is scheduled, and choose the best time for you.

We are happy to meet as many individual requests as possible, so students are encouraged to let the Center know if you have needs that don’t appear on the schedule. We make every effort to accommodate as many students in as many disciplines as possible. Just call or visit the Director or any staff tutor.

Center Hours


Tutors are available as scheduled throughout the course of the Fall and Spring Semesters. Hours are 10am to 9pm (Monday through Thursday), 10am to 5pm on Fridays, and from 1 to 4 pm on Saturdays. Hours are subject to change due to holidays, breaks, or other relevant factors, so make sure we are open by calling 435-879-4731. Summer hours are also available.

Tutor Selection

If you are interested in becoming a tutor, please contact Rowena Thiess at 435-879-4733 or or visit us in Room 431 of the Holland Centennial Commons.